The IntraMedia global website navigational display panel is a graphical rendering with both iconic Website Design elements along with text. The graphic itself has a computer flat panel display with an eye represented in the middle of the screen, with text to the right that reads "IntraMedia provides the complete Internet Solution, integrating Web Design with Internet Marketing to achieve success on the Web."

There is also three navigation's buttons below the graphic in the shape of three circles. The first button (H) is for the IntraMedia Main Website homepage and when you hover over the button it displays "IntraMedia is the trusted source for innovative Website Design & expert Internet Marketing Solutions since 1999," on the graphical display panel. The second button (D) is for the IntraMedia Website Design area and displays "IntraMedia Web Design Solutions create a compelling Internet Presence & utilizes our innovative Display Relative Design Technology," on the graphic when rolling over. The final button (M) is for the IntraMedia Internet Marketing area and displays "IntraMedia Internet Marketing Solutions create the visibility your website deserves & increase Search Engine performance." on the graphic when rolling over the button.